Creator: Jaclyn Forrester began her studies in Exercise, Sport, Health and Education at Radford University. After graduating, she found herself seeking opportunities to continue her education. She stumbled on Pilates after doing some research on types of movement and exercise. As soon as she saw the functionality and accessibility of Pilates, she was hooked. Jaclyn began studying Pilates in 2008 and completed RYT 200 in 2012. Over the years, her philosophy on workouts and training in the personal and professional sense have evolved from tough, bootcamp, push yourself workouts to more purposeful and functional movement patterns.

“I’ve been teaching movement for 11 years. I’ve observed clients as they go through super challenging workouts to ensure they are sore the next day, I’ve seen clients get caught up in weight loss struggles and I’ve found that clients have more success, less injury, increased confidence and the ability to stick with an exercise program for the long term if they practice movement patterns that are purposeful, functional and engage the mind.”


Sydney Dale

Instructor Trainer