Sculpt and Core Pilates

Sculpt and Core is for every body. It is taught in an interval format to provide a fun, fast-paced class that incorporates the entire body and engages the mind. Exercises are taught for a specific period of time, practiced for two rounds, with multiple sets of exercises that keep your on your toes. It is designed with functional movement patterns that improve strength, balance and mobility.

Pilates has long been known as a core focused workout. While it is true that Pilates is core focused, it is not related to six pack abs. Pilates focuses on proper stability and connection with the core as it relates to posture, supporting the spine, providing the ability for proper breath, support of the organs, support as you work arms and legs- short and long levers away from the center of the body.

The workout provides multifaceted benefits:

  • the interval format keeps clients focused on their movement resulting in improved mind and body connection

  • the pace and timing result in a workout you can feel the benefits of for days

  • your core is taught how to properly engage and support the spine, organs and work in opposition of gravity

  • movement patterns improve coordination and balance

  • dynamic movement improves range of motion and mobility

Ultimately, Sculpt and Core is the type of training designed to improve your confidence from the inside out. We encourage you to listen to your body when it comes to range of motion, duration of the exercise and frequency of the workout. It’s about being kind to your body and learning to listen to your intuition.

The additional beauty of Sculpt and Core Pilates is the accessibility. All you need is a mat and a band!

Sculpt and Core Pilates Principles

Breath- attach breath to movement to encourage proper engagement of the deep core muscles

Alignment- awareness of your unique anatomy and structure

Form- proper form of the movement that results in safe and efficient execution

Control- movement should be performed with a focus on precision

Connection- Pilates requires mental focus on minute movements and techniques, everything matters

Fluidity- Fluidity is the ultimate goal, tying all of these principles together to achieve functional movement patterns that appear effortless